Getting to Know Mrs. Bart

February 17, 2012 by  

by AJ Chicalatia
Mrs. Allison Bart is a third grade teacher at Lowry Elementary this year.

Bart reports that she is responsible for her class’s education so they can be productive adults. She says that because she wants them to have a good future.

Bart’s typical day is crazy, enjoyable, and filled with something new. She loves to be with her kids and hopes they do something good with their lives.

She has no favorite day of the week to teach because, she reports that every day is exciting. If Bart could not teach third grade she would teach fourth grade because, she has taught fourth grade before and thinks it is very interesting.

She went to Marist College in Macipsy, New York. She likes any Colorado sports teams.

Bart got married on July 2, 2011. Bart says it was at the Nature and Science Museum in Denver, Colorado. The husband is named Kenny Bart.

Bart says, “Learning should be fun and what you make of it!”

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